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Thank you for trusting us with your family's care, we look forward to working with you!
We recognize that finding a therapist who understands your needs, works with you to identify your goals, and "just gets you" is important, yet can be intimidating. At MQA, we work as a collaborative, multidisciplinary team, meeting on a weekly basis to discuss treatment approaches, learn from one another, and provide teaching and mentorship to the next generation! Click on each name to view that person's bio and contact information
Clinical Psychologists
A Clinical Psychologist holds a Doctoral Degree (either a PhD or PsyD) in Psychology. They have completed 5-7 years of postgraduate work focusing on research, classwork, and hands-on clinical training. They will also have completed a postdoctoral fellowship, during which they complete additional clinically supervised work before passing a state licensing exam. The education of clinical psychologists focuses on diagnosing and treating mental and emotional concerns such as anxiety disorders, depression, AD/HD, behavioral disorders, PTSD, substance use, and eating disorders. Our clinical psychologists on staff are:

Mirjam Quinn, PhD
Lauren Oganovich, PsyD
Mikiela Cobb, PsyD
Zeeshan-Aly Rajani, PsyD
Meaghan Cusack, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors
An LCPC holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology (or related field). They have completed 2 years of postgraduate classwork and internships that included hands-on clinical training, supervision, and didactic education. Additionally, LCPCs have passed national and state licensing exams after 2+ years of supervised clinical employment. They are trained to work holistically with children, adolescents, adults, families, and groups in treating mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders relating to depression, anxiety, AD/HD, Autism, and trauma. Our LCPCs on staff are:

Maura Maloney Morales, LCPC
Ankur Varma, LCPC

Postdoctoral Fellows
A Postdoctoral Fellow has completed 5-7 years of postgraduate work focusing on research, classwork, and hands-on clinical training, and has earned a a doctoral degree (either PhD or PsyD) in clinical psychology. They are in the process of completing their supervised clinical work within the context of a postdoctoral fellowship, and are studying for the state licensing exam. Our postdoctoral fellows are supervised directly by Dr. Quinn, which means that they meet with her on a weekly basis in order to discuss the work they are doing with their clients. Our postdoctoral fellows are:

Kevin McDunn, PsyD
Nahrain Tavolacci, PsyD
Ethan Webb, PsyD

Heba Ibrahim-Joudeh, LCPC PsyD is both a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Postdoctoral Fellow. She is supervised by Dr. Oganovich.

Seo Jung Lee, BA is an intern working toward obtaining her Master's Degree in Counseling and is gaining additional clinical expertise by participating in staff meetings, supervision with Dr. Cusack, and co-facilitating group therapy offered at the practice.